Feb 7, 2010

Quick update!!!

This is just a quick update, to let you guys know that I haven't abandon my blogging.

I had a cold and have been feeling like hell all last week. Right now I'm still coughing, but it's getting better. So all I did last week was going to university and studying and when I didn't have to, I slept. I even slept from 5 p.m right through to 6 a.m the next day. Terrible as I felt, I didn't even touch my books, let alone my blog. Truly a bad week for me.

Last week was also the 1st one of my 2nd semester (I'm a 1st-year), and my schedule is super occupied with all those new subjects. So my blogging will surely be less regular. Each one of my reviews takes a lot of time, since I like to write them in details. Weekends are okay for writing reviews, but weekdays are out of the question.

I hope you guys won't forget my blog, because I know I won't :D "less regular" doesn't mean "forgotten" :D

We're having a 2 week holiday for our Lunar New Year (starting now), so hopefully I'll write some reviews for the upcoming days :D Actually, I have just finished The Sorceress, #3 of the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. It is truly outstanding, I was totally hooked from the beginning to the end. But since I already wrote a review for The Alchemyst (#1 of the same series) just recently, I decided not to review this one. However, you really should check it out, because after reading The Sorceress, I've chosen the series as my favourite series EVER <3

That's all for now. Happy reading and blogging, my friends :D Love and miss you all. Take care of yourselves, don't let the colds get you :P